TD Machinery and Engineering

Superior design, high efficiency

We work with the principle of high efficiency in the production of the products we design with our R&D team and experienced production personnel.

We produce for your business with the best parts to enable you to produce more products for your production line in a short time.

Support after sale

With our after-sales spare parts and service support, we are working to prevent any problems that may occur in your business.

Machine and Process Design

When necessary, we design our machines according to your special processes and make them suitable for your entire production line.

Staff education

We provide your personnel with the necessary trainings after sales so that the machines and production processes are not interrupted.


We guide you on consumables, spare parts and other issues for your machines to work efficiently.

Packaging Machines

Packaging Capacity is 60 packs / Minute. It uses bellows pillow type, pillow type, Quadro type packages.Goto Products »

Filling Machines

Doypack Filling Line, Liquid Filling with Mixer, Liquid Filling Machines, Bag Filling Machines typesGoto Products »


Cut-Gate Scales, Multihead Scales, Volumetric Balances, Linear Balances, Target Butcher, Screw WeighingGoto Products »

Ribbon Mixers

Professional solutions for homogeneous mixtures. Models with 100, 300, 500, 1000, 1500 Liter capacity.Goto Products »

Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors are manufactured by choosing the most suitable detector for your product. Modular or PVC band system is used.Goto Products »

Sealing Machines

It ensures perfect bonding thanks to the same jaw pressure, standard temperature and time.Goto Products »

Vacuum Gas Sealing Machine /Modifie Atmosphere Packaging

Extend the shelf life of your packaged products 4 times. Have peace of mind.Goto Products »

Auxiliary Equipments

Maximize your filling, packaging quality and efficiency with many auxiliary equipment.Goto Products »

Spare parts

Keep your work going with original spare parts. Let your machines continue to work long-lasting and efficiently.Goto Products »

Our Blog

What is Packaging in Modified Atmosphere? (MAP)

Air causes oxidative deterioration of food products, bacteria and mold growth... read more

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